Expanded Access to Advanced Cell Therapies

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Guest Author:  Frances Verter, PhD, Parents’ Guide to Cord Blood Foundation   Thank you to Ax-S Pharma for the invitation to submit a contribution to your blog. My name is Frances Verter, and I am a founder of two organizations in the cell therapy space: the 501c3 non-profit Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation, and […]

Three (BIG) things you didn’t know about Expanded Access to new medicines

If you’re a drug company developing novel treatment for a serious unsolved disease, you have already been asked: “What’s your strategy for pre-market access?” If you’re a health care provider, health system, or disease organization serving patients with life-threatening conditions, you’ve been asked something similar. Do you have a good answer? The patients you serve […]

Why I Launched the Expanded Access Summit

I am not an event planner. In my early life as an investment manager and, more recently as a life science entrepreneur, I doubted the value of most “can’t miss” conferences. The energy and enthusiasm, the inspirational speeches, the provocative on-stage remarks – great for morale. But how often did they truly impact the landscape their attendees […]

Your updates for the global forum on pre market medicines access

The Expanded Access Summit is about the smart integration of Expanded Access and Named Patient programs into the modern drug development process.  The annual leadership event was launched in 2017 to establish (and renew) best practices for big pharma, small (pre-revenue) pharma, health care providers, and public and private research networks.  We invite ALL stakeholders […]

Announcement of Date and Location Change!

In response to the tremendous interest our topic is getting from media, elected officials, and policy organizations, we are excited to announce the following changes to the second annual Expanded Access Summit, the national forum on pre-approval treatment access: Broader audience and speaker faculty, to include more HHS officials, academia, and national policy institutes. New […]

“Right To Try”: Big Impact or Big Sideshow?

Long before “Right to Try”, the question was asked, “How can exploratory treatment options be made available to very sick people who have no other possible remedy for their condition?”  Put another way, what can we do for the vast portion of an untreated disease population that does not fit the eligibility criteria for clinical […]