Anne Cropp, BSc, Pharm.D. BCAP serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for Early Access Care, providing consultative, functional and operational support to biopharmaceutical companies for Expanded Access / Compassionate Use of investigational drugs.
Prior to founding Early Access Care, Anne was Vice President at Pfizer Inc. Anne has extensive experience in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug development. She has built high-performing, diverse leadership teams supporting pipeline products from Phase 1 through NDA/MAA submission. Her expertise spans drugs, biologics and devices.

Anne is a globally recognized expert in Expanded Access US and ex-US and led the development and execution of the industry’s first physician-entry request portal for a global pharmaceutical company. As a life long member of the scientific research community, Anne’s passion has always been to bring solutions to advance patient care.

Anne began as a pharmacist meeting the needs of hospitalized patients. She certified as a clinical pharmacologist and completed two post-doctoral research fellowships in cardiovascular clinical pharmacology. While at the NHLBI of the NIH she first experienced Expanded Access. Motivated by a desire to help patients, she founded Early Access Care.