xCures is a health technology and services company founded by Marty Tenenbaum, a renowned computer scientist, Internet entrepreneur and cancer survivor and Jeff Shrager, a Stanford professor and expert in applying high-performance cloud computing and machine learning in biological science.
They assembled a boundary-pushing team with extensive experience in AI, health tech, and Pharma, and with the expertise, creativity, and persistence needed to solve the biggest problems in oncology. Mika Newton, a 20+ year veteran of the life sciences industry, is xCures’ CEO.

Through its precision oncology platform, xCures provides patients, and their physicians with the best individualized treatment options and services including access via reimbursement, clinical trials, expanded-access support and outcomes generation. By tightly integrating cancer research and clinical care, xCures enables bio-pharmas to slash the time and cost of developing drugs, physicians to make better treatment decisions, and patients to achieve superior outcomes.

Willy earned an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology. He holds a BS Chemistry from Wake Forest University and MS Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles.